Timber Creek will move towards the reopening of in person, congregational, worship services begin Sunday, May 24th with a soft launch, and then a grand reopening on Sunday, May 31st.

The soft opening date was suggested by Dr. Quentin Lobb, one of the Elders of Timber Creek. His assessment of the local and state data leads him to believe that we are moving in the correct direction as a community, and as long as we do our best to maintain common sense practices of social distancing, church should resume. Based on his recommendation, the TCF Elders unanimously chose to move towards opening with the following guidelines:

8:30AM; 10:00AM; 11:45AM

Timber Creek, for this season, will move to three worship services to spread the number of people among three times. Our desire is to only allow approximately 50% of the auditorium’s capacity. This will ensure there is plenty of space for people to maintain their distance. This 50% capacity is not a law. We will NOT turn people away; it is a good faith effort to do what we can do to make space to best serve our people.

In order to best accommodate our members and to also give our staff the ability to properly plan, we are asking our church members to register for the worship service that they plan to attend. You can register at the link below:

8:30 AM Service:

10:00 AM Service:

11:45 AM Service:

Youth (5th -12th grade) will remain in the Adult worship service for May 24th and this will be reevaluated each week. Some middle school students will be assisting in Timber Kids. If you would like your middle school student to assist, please reach out to Pastor Joel.

The Timber Students Wednesday evening gatherings will resume on the 27th, please reach out to Pastor Joel for more information.

Pastor Melissa, and our Timber Kids Ministry, will be up and running for the 24th soft launch. Our priority is to provide a safe and fun environment for your children.

Protocols that we discussed for Kids need to be implemented.
· Children will remain in the same classroom for entirety of the service time.
· Children’s hands will be washed upon entering and exiting class.
· Toys will be rotated in and out for each worship experience.
· Rooms will be cleaned between each worship services.

PLEASE NOTE, as always, children are allowed to remain in the adult worship service with their parents.

Changes to your experience before and after service:
· We will not be serving any foods nor drinks. That means no coffee will be served. Sorry! But you are welcome to bring your own coffee!
· Timber Creek has a plan to effectively clean worship and gathering areas in between each worship service.

We understand that people have varying degrees of comfort in our new reality. Based on your comfort, you and your family will make arrangements and plans. In those plans, Timber Creek asks that you keep your friends and other church members in mind as well. Jesus calls us to be a good neighbor. To love our neighbor as ourselves. Our planning, as Christians, should include not just our self-preservation – but also the preservation of others.

Because of this, we ask each person to use extreme cation.
· If you are symptomatic, remain at home and participate in our worship services online.
· If you are running a fever, remain at home and participate in our worship services online.
· If you have been around others who have been symptomatic, remain at home and participate in our worship services online.
· If you are in a high-risk category, please use extreme caution, and participate in our worship services online.
· Keep in mind, if you attended an in-person worship service, people have differing views on hand shaking and hugs. Please respect the boundaries of others.

We are looking forward to returning to some level of “normal” and seeing our church family again. If there is anything that you need, or have questions about reopening, please send an email to:

Warmest regards,

Pastor Josh and Pastor Glenn